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Chocolate Chip Cookies With Vegetables Hidden Inside.

Parents Have Struggled Getting Their Kids To Eat Vegetables Until Now... 

Introducing Mini Chefs And Bakers! The World's First Chocolate Chip Cookies with vegetables hidden inside. There is A FULL Serving Of Vegetables In Every Bag! Your Kids Will Love it and WON'T Detect A Thing! 

Our Cookies Are So Good That They Taste Just

 Like The Cookies You Had Growing Up But better...


We've formulated each cookie with a special blend of herbs, vegetables and spices that helps to make our cookies taste just like regular cookies but our cookies are better. 

Loaded with 


At least a full serving of vegetables in every bag*

Allergy And Picky 

Eater Friendly

Free of many common allergens 

and made so that even the picky 

eaters will enjoy them

Delicious and


Tastes just like those delicious

 unhealthy cookies

we love so much but they taste even better and with a healthy twist!

 " I love this product! Complete Gamechanger! Now My son can eat veggies in his cookies? Genius! "

- Chrissy

 " My daughter refused to eat vegetables! Now she can eat cake and literally eat vegetables at the same time! "


 " If you’re a parent just buy this! It’s worth every penny! Healthy desserts - this a dream come true! "


Happiness 100% Guaranteed