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Best cookies ever

Honestly I was skeptical these would even taste good. I was surprised that these actually tasted better than any cookie I have ever had. You can't taste the vegetables. It's truly a brilliant idea. Me and my daughter eat these every day!


Grandkids love them

Honestly, these cookies are so good even I am eating them too! My daughter loves them. We made them for her and her friends and they did not detect a thing. so cool! Love this idea

I love this product, it's what I expected, highly recommended

It is equal to the description of very good quality

I could never get any of my kids to eat vegetables until now

These cookies are better than the regular cookies my son eats every single day! I can't believe they actually have vegetables in them- they are delicious!

Best chocolate chip cookies ever

I'm satisfied, thank you. I'll try to make cookies.

These cookies are so good. My daughter can't get enough

I am so happy these taste so good and have this health benefit too

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me! C is for Cookie, that's good enough to eat! (Sign along with chocolate chip cookies!!!)

Mini Chefs and baker's cookies are great!

Better than the hype my boys love these

These cookies are my new go to. Also it's worth every penny because my picky eater- eats vegetables FOR ONCE

Very satisfied with the product. It looks exactly like i expected!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Rose-lissa R.

I enjoyed the product. The products are of very good quality.!!!

Just what I wanted.Good size for one bite.Very good all around cookie.

I absolutely love these cookies! They are delicious mini cookies

I absolutely love this products. They taste wonderful, no bad aftertastes, great selections, great ingredients. I love having such a nice product available to eat and not feel bad offering treats to my gran kids. I have not tried the cereals or soft baked goods yet. Really enjoy the mini chefs and bakers cookies.

Easy to control portion size

Love these mini bites. Easy to control the portion size. Also easy to make pie crust with.

OMG, best chocolate chip cookies ever, and I'm a connoisseur! My only regret is that I only bought 2 packages. I wish I had bought more.